SIEMENSCustomer Service

Customers around the world trust Siemens appliances. Our products deliver specific benefits ? and combine outstanding design, excellent quality and unmatched ease of use. To support this leading brand, we have built an international customer service organisation worthy of the trust our customers have in us.

Arriving prepared

Our customer?s time is valuable, so we react quickly. Our technical team analyses repairs in advance, ordering the correct replacement spare parts. We deliver direct to the engineer?s van during the night, so they are fully equipped the very next day to get your appliance back in working order.

Unmatched expertise

Our team of 300 engineers are based locally around the country. Each benefit from 400 hours of training before they go on the road - and we keep them up to date with regular specialist courses. This gives them a level of expertise and skills that only the manufacturer can provide.

Ongoing support

Trust in our brand is strengthened by our standards of customer service. Further support is given through our product advice department and sales of replacement spares parts and accessories. All parts are original Siemens parts, and we always aim to keep these available for at least ten years. These services combine together to create a customer experience worthy of the Siemens brand.

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